The Energetic Burn…..

When I am running energy scans or looking at the holographic template, I commonly see a different kind of “burn out”. This burn out doesn’t necessarily cause depression or exhaustion (although it can). Instead, this can cause energy to run Blue Frequency photowhacky through someone’s energy field or through their healing work. I most commonly see this in caregivers, and those that “run” energy through their hands and through their fields. Psychics and readers tend to have this issue as well.

You see, when you are truly running high voltage, high frequency energy through your field, it burns up phosphorus in the physical body. This should be replaced on a daily or every other day basis. There are those that say that they don’t need anything but the “energy”. Those are the ones who don’t share what really goes on behind closed doors. Energy is wonderful and incredible and results in many fascinating expressions in our lives and in our work. The higher frequency you run at, I have witnessed you need to take that much better care of your vehicle for that energetic expression.

Phosphorus helps fuel the most basic spark of energy in our cells. This is why some healers feel exhausted after using their gifts in a seminar or class. They have burned through their body’s meager reserves of phosphorus. Phosphorus is easily replenished quickly. Foods that are high in this are cheese, fish, nuts, beans and soy. You can even drink soy protein drinks to quickly bring your levels up. Keep in mind the recommended daily allowance will probably not cut it for those in the healing or counseling lines of work.

Try replacing and being conscious of this valuable nutrient and see for yourself the difference in makes in how you feel and how you run energy. kjm


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