The Problem with Magic Pills…

eyes-586849_1280Let’s say a pill existed to cure your depression, resolve your anxiety or to bring in your psychic abilities. Regardless of the fact whether these pills are manufactured, marketed and sold for these problems, there is a bigger issue that is overlooked by all nutritional and drug manufacturers.

The first issue is absorption. I have recommended thousands of bottles of excellent supplements made with organic natural ingredients to many clients. Their ability to absorb these ingredients through the intestinal system, process them through the cell so they are actually used, or even partially used is marginal (even in children) at best. Why you ask? We don’t have the enzyme function or intestinal health in most cases to do this. Which is obviously the same reason we aren’t breaking down and absorbing the energy from our food.

The other issue is compliance. It doesn’t matter if you HAVE a magic pill, if you don’t take it as mahy time as you need it, as often as you need it…well, then you don’t get the desired (or promised) effect. I know, depressing. Here’s the beauty of the thing. You don’t need to swallow magic pills to balance your body and energy field. I have spent most of my life trying to get away from pills and lessen the amount of vitamins my clients take while delivering superior results.

Everything physical that happens in our body, happens in our energy field first. When I create an MP3, the frequencies enter directly into your field. Email if you would like a free sample of “Seeing Clear”, my latest MP3 that may have a positive effect on both your eyes, your vision as well as the extra ordinary ability to “see”.


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