A Gut Feeling

Your gut is the center of your energetic being as well as your physical one. Many of my clients are asking why they don’t have personal power or why they can’t seem to create or recreate in their lives. Many times there is a physical component to this. There are more brain chemicals manufactured in the gut than in the brain so working on your intestinal health will always result in a calmer, more happy state of be-ing and mind.

The most common problems I see when I look at an energy field, either by scanning or seeing the template of the energy field, is compromise in this area. Some of the common physical things that are involved are heavy metals, parasites, systemic candida and ulceration. These things can trigger severe food allergies which in turn trigger an immune or auto-immune type of response. You may also look “pregnant” (just take a walk around any city and you will see many “pregnant” looking men and women). This isn’t fat, rather it is most often bloating.

A couple ways to tell if you have food allergies is, if your nose or eyes water while you are eating. Many of us are so used to this happening, that we don’t even notice that it does. Another way to tell is if your stomach area bloats immediately or during eating. If it does, there’s a good chance you have consumed something you are allergic to right now. The reason I say right now is because the food allergies and auto immune symptoms and diseases that this creates are the symptom and not the root issue.

The root issue is the compromised intestinal terrain of your gut. Heal your gut, eat what you like within moderation and power up. The HOW of this is another article.

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Healthy Eating!!
Healthy Eating!!

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