Say NO to the people who take little chunks of your soul daily by stirring drama and causing confusion.

Say NO to mindless TV and media programming that tells you what to believe, what to buy and how NOT to feel.

Say NO to those who wish to ride along on your personality, your achievements or your earning potential.

Say NO to EVERY SINGLE THING that doesn’t bring you exquisite JOY each day.

Say NO to clothes you have never worn, shoes you never put on and books you never read.

Say NO to materialism in any form unless YOU believe or desire a certain brand or image.

Say NO when others try to make you “wrong” or “small”

Say NO to the bunny rabbit distractions on the internet and social media

Say NO to spending more money than you have and driving yourself further into debt.

Say NO to have to’s, shoulds, and other who tell you how to live your life.

Say YES to others who cheer you on and offer their support on your journey

Say YES to divine partnerships which expand both people’s dreams

Say YES to those you love and spend more time with them

Say YES to quitting your job and pursuing your dreams

Say YES to the “someday” list but make that list RIGHT NOW I will…

Say YES to reducing clutter and giving most of the things you “thought you couldn’t live without away”

Say YES to Joy and the refusal to buy into anyone’s FEAR energy

Say YES to YOU.

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I am a Quantum Healer, Frequency Master, Remote Viewer, Paranormal Expert, Consciousness Teacher, Energy Healer, Energy Reader, Herbalist, Naturopath and much more. I play with frequencies and energy and as a result...change EVERYTHING. Connect with me on

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