Looking for a KING

Screenshot 2015-06-14 10.48.18“The masses are always looking for a King.” 

The trouble with looking for a leader is that you will usually make really dumb decisions when you choose one. This continues some of the previous posts theme of standing in your own power and knowing what YOU know or at least learning how to do that. I have noticed some interesting trends in certain (very tiny) segments of society.

Here are a few of them:

  • If you have an accent, you are immediately perceived as more powerful, knowledgeable and believable than if you don’t. This goes along with the expression, “A prophet is despised in his hometown”. In other words, you don’t have to go around the world to hear or find your “expert”, teacher, mentor or leader. Sometimes they are right under your nose.
  • If you are of certain ethnicity, you are also immediately considered an “expert”. So anyone who is NOT a white American is immediately considered an expert, even if they are unexperienced or completely crazy. (This may be reversed in other countries, not sure.)
  • If you are a man (surprise, surprise) you will also do better in certain (read MOST) industries. Especially if you have a large middle aged woman following that you can flirt with. Hey, use what you have…right? Especially if you don’t have much else to back it up.
  • If you have a hard luck story that you have supposedly overcome, you will also do better as an expert.

Do any of these things portray integrity? Knowledge? Experience? Results? Of course not. What they portray is our preconceived leanings, our ability to be manipulated and that perception is reality. Perception is actually an extremely dangerous thing when it is not based on truth and reality.

Once again I challenge you to learn to read energy and learn to read it well. This ability will help you discern the truth from a lie every time. My team and I strive to provide the knowledge and resources for you to do this. You don’t have to buy snake oil. You don’t have to be swindled or disappointed. You can empower yourself.


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