WAYLAID!! (by Trolls and other assorted creatures we never speak of)

Screenshot 2015-07-09 10.45.14https://www.youtube.com/embed/670if6Etx0o“>Perfect “energy” of this experience. (Video that is AMAZING….talking about this)

I recently read a blog post by the women’s business coach Leonie Dawson who was brave enough to (address her haters) and shine a light on this area in the industry. It was brought in, that it was time I took the bull by the horns and address this as well. Many of you have asked me about vicious things that others have “said” about me. Here is my response.

Well, I’ve been back to “the work” as I like to call it for 4 months. It is JUST as fantastic as I remembered (but more so), thanks to all of YOU. It is my investment in YOUR transformation that makes me bounce out of bed every morning, ready and eager to get back to it!

However, I forgot about ONE thing. The cost. The people and energies that sabotage on a regular basis, all of us who hold the light, seek the light and ARE being light. Anyone who is a healer or teacher in this industry knows what I mean. There are those who create and those who copy. Those who teach original and creative material and those who copy. Those who succeed by their own brilliance and innovation….and those who copy. Those that have REAL and TRUE abilities and those that are marketed by those who only care about money. THAT is one variety of monster, my friends.

The other variety of monster hits my ego a little closer to home. The DESTROYERS. Some are agents and agencies for the “others” that can’t do all the things in the above paragraph that spread twisted gossip, rumors and lies amongst the show and industry “insiders”. “Don’t work with her (or him), they are “difficult”. “You should hear……”. “I heard they didn’t do this or that in their program.” “I heard they had a breakdown, break up or break through.” There income is directly tied to the people they are promoting and if they aren’t YOU, then they try to chip away and destroy your reputation in the community in which you work and play. They do this in order to put their person on a pedestal and make more money off the bookings of their own people they promote.

I once had an agent (I’ve had 3) who has been fired a long time who talked about every single person she worked with. I hear she still does. She gossiped about personal lives, what the others she represented made and who was selling more than who. She didn’t want us to talk to each other or become friends, Because we might “see” who she really was inside. Deeply insecure. Deeply troubled and in complete lack. Since she represented me and two other healers, she has NEVER seen that kind of success again. Why? There was no integrity. She talked the language but didn’t walk her talk.

There are also the EX employees. These are like minefields, waiting to blow at any time. They are bitter, and angry that they can’t ride the train with you to wherever you are going so they spread vicious lies and rumors (and maybe a few tidbits of truth) to again, destroy. If they do it to others, they WILL do it at some point to who they currently work for. It’s like marrying a guy who was married when you met him. Watch out! My daughter reminded me recently that there are MANY talented personal assistants and support staff that are LOYAL, HARDWORKING and COMMITTED. Don’t keep someone who you know doesn’t meet this criteria because you are in FEAR.

Then, there are your COMPETITORS. (The way they see it, NOT the way I see it)  I recently (weeks) had an experience where someone who I thought I had a strong alliance with became quickly very jealous and resentful despite the fact I connected them with many opportunities and resources they didn’t have on their own. They wanted a quick ride on my back without an even energy exchange of any kind. They weren’t open to learning or walking along side, they wanted to step UP and OVER and come out on top. Goodbye.

Yesterday I refunded a struggling healer out of my program because I had an intuitive hit they were there to observe and steal, as well as copy because they cannot create. It was confirmed by another high level healer who is a friend of mine in the industry. They also (as well as I) had to take this action to protect the integrity of our own work. How sad.

And then…there is the darkest of the dark. The abusers. More and more there are stories coming out of one of the industries I work in about those who get you alone in small groups or private retreats and psychologically, mentally and emotionally abuse and enslave those who trust them and have paid a lot of money to “be there”. They are protected and covered by some of the top people in the industry (because they bring them money). The things that go on at these retreats are hideous and thankfully some of the participants are starting to talk about their experiences. Things like being forced to crawl on the floor in front of everyone while being verbally attacked. This is NOT consciousness my friends, these are cult tactics to enslave you and break you down. Anyone that does not empower you and edify you should be immediately dismissed from your life. I am deeply saddened that this is currently within the last months and years occurring in this industry.

So, why am I being negative? Because I have been WAYLAID by these people. I have been distracted and destroyed. So have some of you. You aren’t alone. It’s not “just” you. You aren’t paranoid. This is happening and will continue to happen. Here is what I was “told”. It doesn’t matter. They can’t really destroy your gifts or your abilities or take your power unless you let them. You can’t be waylaid, or distracted or steered of course, you can’t become fearful or anxious, always looking behind and around for the next attack.

For if YOU are holding the light.

Walking your talk, then YOU are leading the WAY.

YOU are a WAY SHOWER. A RADICAL. You were BORN to tread where others won’t go.

And it will happen again, and again…..and again. Do not be fooled by all the “love and light” talk while those who hold an energetic knife sink it deep in your back. Choose your partnerships carefully, and don’t ignore your experience or intuition when it comes to aligning with others or bringing people into your organization. You are only as strong as your weakest link.

Your weakest quality is your inability to face the truth about others and especially about yourself.

Your strongest quality is to pick powerful light filled allies that walk alongside you in joy and communion of everything amazing.

May you never experience the other side. kjm

ps: This article is NOT about anyone that I have worked closely with in a program of our joint creation in the past, nor does it refer to them in any way. 

pps: Trolls do not appear this way. They often appear “light” although if you read the energy and don’t ‘close your eyes” as I sometimes do, you can ALWAYS see it.

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