The Darkside of Empowerment

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 8.46.03 AMSo, I love to empower others. I am everyone’s biggest cheerleader and a diehard believer in collaborating and cross promotion. What happens when you empower those that shouldn’t be empowered? What responsibility to we bear as leaders? The ego maniacs, the dark and the  mis guided. We graciously empower them to go out and spread their madness to the world. This of course, is the opposite of shining the light down the path to each person’s soul purpose and sending them on their way in love. I’ve seen it both ways. I’ve also seen the deliberate sabotage. The deliberate sabotage or “star rider” as we like to call them are those that PAY to promote. Within our organization. This wouldn’t be so sinister if they almost always didn’t have an opposite agenda or philosophy from what we teach.

We recently had an incidence where someone infiltrated our private group and program, literally posting huge (multiple upon multiple paragraphs) of dogma that made no sense. It was an obvious bid of redirection to their own growing business. This individual has since become angry when they were asked to stop the behavior. They went into extreme defensive reaction (always a sign that we should look closer at why we are being triggered) and things ended not so smoothly. This is frustrating to any business owner who strives to deliver a great customer experience. Where is the balance? We are known as the healer”s and teacher’s resource for advanced training and techniques in the industry.

It is certainly a challenging industry to navigate with integrity, but we strive to do just that. That being said, we are raising up a level of practitioner that is excellent and real. They have verified abilities, they work in integrity and they make a difference. Let us know if you interested in being backed by a growing, international lifestyle brand with strong connections to various industries. We don’t believe consciousness and miracles are just for the awakened. We believe this is for everyone 😉

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One thought on “The Darkside of Empowerment

  1. That is indeed dark motives and wanting something for nothing.I had another person with a dog business as my own now starting his business, come on to my Dog page on Facebook and try to build relationships with my customers and interacting as a business entity rather than an individual hoping to have a subtle way to bring attention to his business page even though he did not overtly try to sell on my page.. I had to ban this person. I am not stupid. It happens everywhere. People like this will short change their customers to get a way to sell more stuff especially in the healing field. After you open up to them energetically ,you start to have trouble and then they offer you another package to solve the energetic interference they may have caused themselves. I know about people without integrity.

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