The X Box Effect

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 10.39.11 AMMany of you know that I work with “gifted” children. These children can see, hear and know things that most of the rest of us don’t. Recently, a mother shared with me an observation of her son, who can “see auras”. He observed that the auric field of all the boys that play X box are BLACK. The only boy he knows who doesn’t play, had normal colors and movement in his aura. Hmmmm. So now we have some observations that what we THOUGHT was true, may be true. That one more piece of media can pull our soul into oblivion while we are “having fun”. Who would have thought that hours of mindless staring at a TV screen and killing people, aliens and robots would have this effect? Shocking. (Remember I’m a super sarcastic person).

The sad thing is, X Box is not the only offender. TV, Netflix and assorted services, Movies and endless staring at the tiny screens on our phones PROBABLY have a similar effect. As a matter of fact, they are programming and re programming the  mind for violence, obedience and probably a million other dark and sinister things we don’t know.

Music is used for healing. The tones, the words, the beat all change our energetic fields. We can see this with certain technology that we will be using in my business. What you listen to, what you watch….MATTERS. Why would you believe strangers on a news station telling what is happening? In what world would you think they have your highest and best good in view? We need to WAKE UP…spiritually (meaning a true acknowledge of our condition and a re connection to God) AND in all other ways. IF you are going to allow your kids to be programmed by this media or you are going to put yourself under this programming, you better be just as diligent about deprogramming and rewiring your energetic fields.

The X Box Effect can also be used positively. We can program ourselves to be amazing creators, original thinkers and blow apart the box that was created and lovingly sold to us by our parents, our churches, our schools and our society before we were born. There is much of the above that raises your frequency/vibration and expands you as an amazing human being. Let’s makes we are balancing the very dark side of technology with the very light. The future of the planet and our children’s future depends on it.

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