Why you don’t think you are intuitive and how to change that NOW!

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 8.00.01 AMEach one of you is built for knowledge. The BEST and most useful kind of knowledge is that which affects us most directly. So what if…..you could know what the stock market was going to do. What if you knew if your partner was cheating. What if you knew when to buy a home, what home to buy, what job to take, etc. etc. Would this be useful to your quality of life? Absolutely. Here’s the SECRET you don’t know.

While ability in using it varies greatly, each one of you were born to be PSYCHIC in a way. PSYCHIC is an old energy word. It feels like it’s from the 1970’s and conjures up unpleasant images of afternoon talk shows with REALLY bad “psychics” harking their wares. The facts is. You were born to be powerful and powerful for LIGHT. You were born with all the tools to bless not only your family but everyone who comes in contact with you. You hold within your being, not just one, but TWO physical places where intuition is birthed, then honed as a skill.

The first place is your “gut”. The term, “A Gut Feeling” is accurate in almost all situations. Even those who have never been exposed to the “whoo whoo”, understand what this means and exactly how this works. We just don’t listen to ourselves.  How many times have you had, ‘a gut feeling” and ignored it. How many times did your ‘gut feeling’ turn out to be right? Exactly.

The second place that most of us don’t understand and never fully access is your third eye. Now many people will shut down their field of possibility the second they hear that word. Here’s why you shouldn’t. Your third eye which in medical terms is called the pineal gland is built almost exactly like your real eye. How fascinating is that? It literally has rods and cones….hmmmm…could it be even more obvious? Your third eye is the gateway to everything seen and unseen and believe me, the unseen is a lot more interesting. The unseen includes other dimensions, the invisible world, the ability to tap into energy anywhere…any space and any time. It may also include a stronger propensity to drive you to God and something bigger than yourself. WOW. Does this sound important to you?

So, let’s fire this baby up. Fluoride is one of the top modern enemies of the pineal gland. It is magnetically attracted to go to your pineal gland. It is in your toothpaste of course, your drinking water and other products. The Nazi’s deliberately used this chemical for mind control in the camps. That sentence was important. Why? Does your tap water contain fluoride? Do you allow well meaning and knowledgeable dentists to push fluoride on you and your children?  Fluoride is banned in Europe and is a known poison. Chemical toxicity such as cigarettes, artificial flavors and colors are also a big culprit. Let’s go to some first steps YOU can take to detox and turn on your amazing psychic abilities that you were born with.

  1. Stop drinking water with fluoride in it. Use purified reverse osmosis water which will benefit you in lots of other ways as well.
  2. Stop having fluoride treatments and brushing your teeth with fluoride. There are many natural options that work equally well.
  3. STOP the milk and dairy. Not good for you period.
  4. Most crops that are not organic are sprayed with various forms of metals, chemicals and…wait for it…fluoride. Buy organic and/or wash with a non toxic spray ALL of your fruits and vegetables before consuming.
  5. Wheat and gluten restrict blood flow to the pineal gland. They are also super acidic. This is a whole ‘nother discussion but try to lean toward a balanced pH by consuming an alkaline diet. We talk about this further in, “A Gut Feeling”.
  6. Essential Fatty Acids like high quality fish oils can help this begin working nicely.
  7. Gotu Kola is historically known to be used to detoxify and “turn on” your pineal gland.
  8. Vitamin C is good for all glandular systems including the pineal and adrenal glands.
  9. I have recommended lemon in your water for years. This encourages a proper pH which is highly beneficial in many areas and can cleanse and raise the frequency of your pineal.
  10. Green Foods are amazing and Plant based organic minerals really enhance mental function and are great for lightworkers, healers and psychics to tone their brain and pituitary and pineal glands.
  11. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (not just normal apple cider vinegar) not only decalcify’s your pineal gland, but also can get rid of calcification or stones, anywhere in the body, including gall stones and kidney stones. How amazing is that?
  12. Detox heavy metals and radiation from the body, make sure you include drainage. Frequency work is great for this.
  13. Meditation and Prayer (who would have thought? 😉
  14. We recommend Secret to Everything Essential Oil Frequency Charged Blend. (found on our website, IV is great too) Rub this in a circular motion once or twice daily on your third eye. Prepare for the magic. Seriously. I practice what I preach.

Let me know how taking these steps begins to bring in your natural abilities.

I am passionate about empowering YOU to live the best life you can in health, love, spirituality, inspired business AND activating the magic of YOU. Let me know if I can help.



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