A New Day (again)

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 7.04.40 AMAlthough I am a big fan of starting over and shifting energy constantly, at times it becomes exhausting. Many things do not work in our lives because we are afraid to rearrange, start something new or end something that is not working. One of my favorite teachings has always been. “Choose. Then choose again. Then “next”.” When you are doing something authentic and radically different from everything and everyone else, there is a precision that is asked of you that requires fine tuning. EXCELLENCE isn’t just a concept for my brand, it’s a requirement. This calls for an excellence and an authentic integrity that is lacking in the industry. (Any industry, as a whole).

Life is designed to live in flow. Flow requires change. Changing our direction, changing the people in our organization and changing ourselves. It requires loving confrontation of both our inner darkness and the outer darkness that come off other people. It requires a newness and a fresh way of problem solving that cuts through the chaff and delivers the delicious morsels of truth in a consistent and loving way. And it’s not without peril. Others may not understand. They may not agree. And you may even collect some enemies along the way.

But there is a higher calling than those around you. A siren’s song that you must obey. What is your song that beckons to you through the business of every day? Where do you need to rearrange, discard and begin anew? What friendships, ways you spend your time and ways you operate need shifting….NOW? Your path is unlike any other, it is YOURS alone. At the end of any day….YOU need to be able to STAND….maybe worn and weary….but confident that you moved closer to wholeness in your own being. Don’t be afraid to begin again….and again….and again……

If YOU feel called to something “more”, whether in your business or your personal life, JOIN US. A radical band of creative, vibrant, expansive beings that aren’t afraid to start over……We have lots of FREE support on our website for your journey.

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I am a Quantum Healer, Frequency Master, Remote Viewer, Paranormal Expert, Consciousness Teacher, Energy Healer, Energy Reader, Herbalist, Naturopath and much more. I play with frequencies and energy and as a result...change EVERYTHING. Connect with me on www.kimberlymcgeorge.com

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