The Brilliance of Fall

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 9.34.02 AMFall is an amazing and beautiful time. It’s a great reminder that everything has a time and a season. However, everything in us as humans…goes into resistance regarding this. I was recently reminded of this by a radio show host whose show (and customers) are literally drying up. They keep lying to others and themselves that this is a thriving viable business but in reality, it’s time to do something else, or do their show in a different way. This is the same case with relationships, jobs, living in a certain locations, family relationships and more. Everything changes. EVERYTHING.

I have the ability to see timelines (not that I always listen to it or follow what I see). There are amazing times when your timelines is lit up to accomplish certain things and times when there is no energy supporting it. So go ahead….PUSH that idea through..cling to your fantasies and delusions that with sheer will power, you can do ANYTHING. It’s simply not supported by Universal TRUTH.

Have you ever wanted a relationship so badly and nothing was happening in that area so you MADE it happen. You went on the internet and dated people until you found someone who filled that gap. Wow. What a sad way to live. Why not wait until there were so many great options that naturally fell into your path and when you chose, the relationship was easy, simple and wonderful.

Very few people understand or teach the concept of TIMING and DESTINY. I observe both….in my own life and that of my clients. They ALWAYS succeed when they work with DESTINY and not against it.

Fall reminds us that there is a natural death, dying and change in the cycles of life. There is truly a time for everything……and when Fall is over and Winter has come…..we get the glorious Spring and Summer of a new beginning…….Don’t be afraid of the endings……

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