The Freedom of Routine

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 8.39.34 AMFor YEARS I’ve resisted having a schedule. I love getting up in the morning, my feet hitting the floor…and wandering through my day. I dip in and out of business calls, picking children up from school, watching something online and client sessions. Somewhere, one day, this “freedom” became a prison. The results of my non routine lifestyle began to seep through. Laundry that wasn’t quite done, a house that wasn’t as clean as I would like and getting behind in new projects, my book and time with the girls. I decided to do an experiment. I would rough out a routine for my days and actually try to stick to it.

My basic routine was coffee/tea/breakfast, reading and answer urgent emails, write something, then pick an un done item on my work list and work through to completion or a barrier. I would take a break for lunch and to go outside and look at the lake and put my foot in the grass, then back to checking emails, work etc. Wow. The results were rather shocking to my free spirited heart. Not only did I get more work done, BUT I had more free time than I ever had before without the threat of massive amounts of work, chores, etc constantly hanging over my head.

I had to reluctantly admit that sometimes coloring in the lines and having structure provides me with the joy of creation and flow. Both of which are important in living a conscious life. For those who play too much on the side of routine, I recommend the opposite, that you take a day or more each month and just do whatever you feel like doing, whenever you feel like doing it. Let me know your results! kjm

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