The Energetic Chess Game (Are YOU playing?)

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.14.14 PMI was talking to another healer the past couple weeks and we couldn’t help but observe that there are more people than ever, desperately seeking and not receiving help or answers. Why? I believe there are many reasons, but here are a few of my observations.

1) You are buying a pitch. Yes, YOU, you beautiful, intuitive light being….YOU are buying slick marketing copy, pretty pictures and promises that are probably technically illegal in advertising. In other words, NEVER going to happen. Not from that person, that book, that video or that package. It is a sad day when you can literally PAY a radio host to have you on. Did you get there by being an expert? No. Did you write an amazing book or put in years of experience in the field? Rarely.

2) You are desperate. Desperation does crazy things to you (I know…I’ve been there…) Rather than carefully “running the energy” as I teach, you are scrambling. You can admit it. We’ve ALL done it. We so desperately need money, love, or an answer to our health problems that we jump at…well..anything. If you have time or resources you would probably make different decisions. So you spin…and spin…and buy…and buy.

3) Truth. You are buying fraudulent people, merchandise and concepts. Yep. There are “REAL” everything…including food (but we know how much “fake” food there is out there too). We have TECH now that can call out those who aren’t healers, aren’t intuitive and aren’t channeling anything but their own ego and greed. In fact, Secret to Everything uses this tech, so regardless of our own VERY real and verified and tested abilities, we can now SEE with SCIENCE who is lying. Now, you have to admit…that’s pretty cool. But sad.

4) You are paying premium prices for inferior ability. Would you pay top dollar for the bottom doctor or lawyer in their field? No. But low level healers and psychics command top dollar because they have the promotion machine behind them. Does this benefit you? Nope. But it sure benefits them.

5) You are being led to be dependent on these people for the rest of your life. Are they empowering you to do what they do? Are they teaching YOU useful skills? Or are you hooked for LIFE or even for a month.

6) YES, this is YOUR decision who you play with your lives, your health, your love and your money with. After all, that is the beauty of the human condition. We are all at different places in our journey and resonate with different people and modalities. Please be aware though, that healing and consulting and life coaching and psychics and…and…paranormal…are all an INDUSTRY. Let the buyer or game player (that’s YOU) BEWARE.

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