Today….I choose Joy

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 9.34.30 AMToday….I Choose Joy.

Is my life perfect? Hell, no. But JOY is a choice. A friend in college told me once, when I was complaining about the jealous, mean and petty people that were gossiping behind my back, “Don’t let ANYONE steal your JOY.” And TODAY I’m not going to. I have MUCH to be thankful for. A thriving business. 4 stunningly bright, health and beautiful children. The tiniest sweetest puppy kisses in the morning… A beautiful state to live in….the ability to use my gifts and talents to change the world…one person at a time. WOW….

So for today, I’m not letting THEM win. The nay sayers. The back stabbers. The gossips. The critic (both the outside ones and the inside ones). The small. The bitter. The greedy. (You get the idea).

Today, I’m celebrating the beautiful fall leaves and crisp autumn day of 68…Really? 68 degrees? That’s perfection. Today I’m laughing with my children, walking with dogs and putting my feet up on my dock and reading a good book. Today, I’m praying for my clients and the world. I’m loving my neighbors kids when they come buy for Trick or Treat and smiling at how much fun it still is to be a child.

Today, instead of complaining about going to the grocery store, I’m in quiet gratitude that I live in America where food is plentiful and ORGANIC (how does it get any better than that?). Oh wait, and that I have money to BUY food for my family.

Will you join me? Today…will you choose JOY? (And then….maybe tomorrow too ūüėČ

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