Holiday Musings: The Art of Grace

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 8.16.37 PMSo, I was standing at the sink at midnight last night. No lie. I am a night owl and I love the stillness and the quiet. I was frustrated because I really wanted to be catching up on my mystery series or reading a good book or maybe…thinking about sleeping.

No, I was washing dishes. Why? My dishwasher wasn’t. Yes, I had called the repair guy but he hadn’t made his way out to our house yet. Because I have trained myself (and still do) to “flip the energy” as I teach, I decided to make this an opportunity for gratitude. Why. Was. I. Complaining. to begin with?

I had my arms almost up to my shoulders in my beautiful double deep stainless steel sinks, spraying them off with a sprayer faucet that would rival the finest restaurants. What? I was setting them on the granite counter to dry while look over my neighbor’s quiet and dark house, quite a distance away. I was humbled. I HAVE dishes. I have running water and I have a beautiful kitchen…with a window (a kitchen necessity of mine). And of course, the obvious. I have a dishwasher to break.

My mind wandered a bit more….and I realized that a job that I despised when I was growing up…washing and/or drying dishes with my brother (who wants to hang out with their younger brother after dinner each night). I actually missed those moments. When we were young, protected, innocent and belabored with this same horrible chore I was experiencing now. Good times.

Those were times when we bonded over the heavy handed abuse of our parents and our rough, rough life. We laughed and fought and argued…but I miss those times.

So as I washed and dried the last dish, I paused and sent up a prayer of gratitude for so many things. The simple things. Having a family who ate dinner together every night, said GRACE before the meal…and a brother who understood all the trauma and drama of our mutual childhood.

What simple repetitive moments in your life are the SACRED in disguise? Share with me below….


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One thought on “Holiday Musings: The Art of Grace

  1. Hi Dr. Kim,Sending you great, overflowing love for you and yours.  BTW ~ I do wash dishes almost every night.  Only use the dishwasher, maybe, every 2 months.  Being peace with these chores is continual for me.  And, then, sometimes, downright revelatory ~I’ve just completed two Qigong ceritifications, and feel ready to move into a more public venue with 2 of my classes.  Still very much within the slow, gentle vein, yet enjoying the blessing waves that are expanding us into our greatness.One of these days, I’ll make it to Ashville, and give you a hug.  Their is a relatively popular Qigong teacher there, Michael Winn.  I’ve not taken any of his classes, yet have had a friend recommend him….if you ever felt like giving this Qi(Chi)flow a whirl.Enjoy your holidays, however you celebrate them/Best always.  Abundant Blessings/Mighty Magic/All Love, Jacki LIVING LIFE IN THE FLOW 513-405-1514

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