Holiday Musings: Thanksgiving

I am SO thankful for so many things. I’m thankful for each and every one of you who READ my heart thoughts and soul ramblings.  I’m super thankful for an enlightened group of souls that LOVES light and LOVE, TRUE light and love and sees through the wishy washy stuff that is out there now. I’m thankful that all of YOU allow me to PLAY every day. My oldest daughter just asked me, “Why are you working?”

I know the answer to that…Because I no longer work. Every day is a joy and combination of service and play. I am not longer living in the betrayal of self, playing the game, serving “the man” and conforming to society. I am using ALL my gifts, ALL my abilities and ALL my talents. In fact, I have so many opportunities sitting at my door, I’m having to say no. I have book publishers, radio hosts and television producers all clamoring for my time and attention (not to mention 4 girls and 3 dogs).

I have the space, the time and the resources to MAKE a difference. One of my favorite things to do is randomly observe hard working Americans that are stuck and working hard every day and reward them with a 20 or 50 dollars bill. They are stunned and thankful and no one has ever turned it down. Even though America is built on service workers and retail workers, y’all STILL have mighty super powers that you can express. You might just need a little guidance or inspiration.

Many blessings to you and your family…….From me and The Secret to Everything Team….Sylvia, Stacy, Brianna, Ciera, Gabrielle, Trinity, Danny and Walt!!

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