The End of the Medical Intuitive

Gosh, I just can’t stay from controversy. I TRY, it’s just when you SEE clearly. It’s hard to be quiet. So here goes. I just had a client who asked me to run a scan (long story) on her eyes. Enough “stuff” came up that I suggested we stop the conversation and that she go to the eye doctor. She was like, “JR said, that my eyes were fine and an alien planted something in them.” BIG PAUSE. Seriously. Really. COME ON PEOPLE.

Are we going to continue giving our power away to CHARLATANS in the Consciousness and Psychic Industry? REALLY? WOW. How irresponsible (not to mention ILLEGAL.) So I’m begging you to PLEASE understand we live in a time where we have NO idea what the state of our technology really is and what Secret to Everything uses is only cutting edge as to what has been revealed now. We don’t need middle aged women who look like aliens themselves telling us that our EYES are okay when WE can’t SEE!!!! Sorry I’m like SHOCKED. The person who took this “sage advice” is a smart smart smart smart women who is able to do amazing and brilliant things with business.

But has NO discernment when it comes to information that is TRUTH for her or anyone. Now. Do I believe in aliens. That’s another post. Do I believe they even know this woman exists or CARE. Highly doubtful. She also lives outside on a boat most of the time. Sun. Saltwater. Eyes. Not the best mix.

There is currently a popular book out where a man claims to be a medical intuitive from God. (cough cough)…IF this were true, I suspect that God wouldn’t EVER be WRONG. And there are so many fallacies in this book and on his show that it is again SHOCKING to me that we are not aware of the LIARS among us. SHOCKING. These self proclaimed gurus make millions of dollars and we continue to be sick because we believe that aliens implanted our eyes and we never think to go to the eye doctor.

It’s kind of like those people who believe the Long Island Medium is real. We don’t need medical intuitives. We have advanced technology and some of us actually have the skill and knowledge and experience to use it well.Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 9.41.08 AM.png

Please comment. Am I the only one that thinks this is super crazy????


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