That’s not YOUR window…

I was working on some scans this morning and rearranged the box steps I have for my tiny teacup Yorky to climb up on the window sill to watch the birds and squirrels at the feeders. I turned my back and watched my Malamute slide into that window, effectively blocking her steps. I said, “Jax, that’s NOT your window.” You see, there are two other windows, both with the same view but much more comfortable for him without having to sit back behind the steps. Dogs being dogs, I had to repeat this more than one time.

It hit me that this is a HUGE issue with people. I remember doing a reading with a lady who was obsessed with LOVE. And that’s okay. Great, in fact. EXCEPT…when I went to look at her love line, I was immediately pulled out of it because of her BLAZING, WHITE HOT, and ON FIRE career line.

I spent the next 1/2 hour sharing all the amazing ways she could capitalize on her career. She went out and made 100,000 dollars the next week. But if she had put that same energy into her LOVE life, I don’t believe it would have had the same results.

You see there are windows in life….Windows of time, windows of opportunity and windows that only YOU are meant to go through. When you try to go to someone else’s window and get in their way, it won’t end well for you. It will also waste precious time and energy. If Jax had gone to his window…Mommy wouldn’t have had to speak to him. The funny thing about dogs AND humans is that we always want the talents, abilities and opportunities that someone ELSE has.

Stay in your own lane. Play with others but don’t try to copy, steal or shove aside others. There is MORE than enough. Especially when YOU are doing YOU.  kjmScreen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.47.42 AM



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