Wild Abandon

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.32.41 AMHave you EVER, even for ONE moment lived in wild abandon? In the overflowing moment of JOY, peace or SERENITY? Have you kicked off your shoes and danced in the rain? Have you plopped down in the snow and made silly snow angels? Have you sat in the grass til the cows literally came home and the sun and wind made a tangled mess of your hair? Have you met a stranger and kissed him or her? Have you ever given a 100 dollar bill randomly to a child? (That’s a fun one!!) Are you okay with looking dumb…stupid or even crazy? I am.

But I haven’t done it enough. Yesterday I was driving home from the pet store on a back country road near my house and the golden light of 5pm in the south was lighting up the fields as we drove over the hills, past woods and streams to my beautiful and peaceful home. I was suddenly filled with such gratitude and contentment that I almost had to pull over. I couldn’t hold that much JOY in my physical body.

Do you make time for the HIGHS, not just plod and suffer through the lows? Are you actively living in creation and moving toward something…anything…that will bring you this kind of expansion?

One night in college, I was waiting for my boyfriend and sitting in front of a moonlit river that ran through campus in his car. We were talking and had rolled down the windows. I was wearing cowboy boots (the foolishness of the young 😉 and was swinging my feet in rhythm to the radio (probably playing Bon Jovi). All of a sudden, someone approached the car. It was a popular (and hot) older guy on campus. I sat quickly up and he said, “I can’t help it. You look so happy and fun, I have to ask you out.” Wow. JOY is contagious and Wild Crazy Abandoned Joy is almost unheard of in all parts of our society today.

Joy also attracts more Joy.

What are some things you can do to incorporate this in your life?

  • Pay attention. If I hadn’t been fully present in my body that afternoon, I would have missed that moment of expansive joy.
  • Joy is one of those things that happens when we aren’t looking for it, but you can set yourself up for JOY by being JOY to other people. I regularly look for ways to bless others and receive so much joy from doing so.
  • Connect with nature by hiking and grounding with your bare feet on the grass.
  • Connect with others who practice JOY
  • Laugh. Laugh More. Laugh even MORE.
  • Work on your energy, your aura and bringing up your frequency. All things we play with in my programs and groups…
  • Practice being oh so grateful for the lessons you have learned in the hard times. Sometimes your biggest gifts have come out of those moments.
  • Travel and watch other cultures that practice JOY so much more often than the US.
  • Read people that have discovered joy in the journey and despite their circumstances.
  • Connect with animals. I have a mini bird sanctuary and love watching and interacting with them. When I go out and fill the hummingbird feeder and all the feeders and bird baths, they are millimeters away and see me as a friend. What a privilege.

I wish all who read this article to have many moments of JOY this year. May you be blessed!

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