The Pause

woman-1320810_1280I work with many people who receive shocking and tragic news, often about their health. Their instinctive response is to panic. I watch their heart chakra close, their throat become constricted and their intuition go out the window. They begin having stomach issues if they weren’t before and abandon their strong sense of personal power.

Panic can be useful in an immediate life threatening situation but it can be deadly when it really counts. The gift of taking a long, deep, slow breath can NOT be overstated. When we truly choose to live IN THE MOMENT, usually there is actually nothing out of balance.

Let’s run through some real life examples. You receive a negative lab test. It’s bad news. You begin to run all your nervous system stress responses. Helpful? No. Are you dying this second? Probably not. Breath allows us to come up with a plan, figure things out and move ahead with the highest choices for us at this time.

We can use a financial example. Maybe you house is being threatened with foreclosure for lack of payment. Many people go into panic. Some even abandon their houses. We know though that mortgage companies do not immediately  knock on you door and take your house over or throw it up for auction. Take a breath. You are fine, you have plenty of time to figure it out.

You can use this in relationships (except for the most extreme), business decisions, almost anything. Most tragic decisions and mistakes are caused by PANIC. NOT by the outward circumstance. You have every ability to connect with “the all” and receive the information that you need for TODAY. And then the next day, and the day after that.

THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY. Breathe to receive it.

I wish all who read this article to have many moments of JOY this year. May you be blessed!

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