The 18% Principle

So I got stuck with an 18 percent tip for 5 people at an oceanfront restaurant at the beach. It wasn’t about the money and the entitlement tip. Why do we pay the restaurant’s worker’s and then pay to eat there? Really strange system there. It was about the LACK of service when you KNOW you are getting paid.

She was working hard for all the tables that had 4 and less but neglecting the guaranteed tip she already had.

It reminds me of my old office manager. She was on salary and because of that, when I fired her, I found all the things she didn’t do. It’s the principle that what I was putting it automatically, she wasn’t putting out.

Where in your life are you allowing things, places, events and people to automatically extract time, money or energy by not contributing back to you? When are you going to feel comfortable saying NO and walking out, ending the relationship or contract and being done.

I recently experienced this again with my agent. She automatically got paid every month and guess what? I didn’t get booked. Human nature requires accountability and motivation. There are no free rides in life, love or business.

There is a natural energetic flow of the universe that works best in a similar or even exchange….

Take a look around and make sure the systems and people around you are working FOR you, not just taking FROM you.


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