The Pleasant Places…

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“The boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places, I have a delightful inheritance” Psalms 16:6

Today the golden light of the afternoon stopped me in my tracks.

Truly I am blessed.

I’ve been equipped (as you have) for this time in this place and every now and then I am gifted with grace so amazing that tears fill my eyes.

I’m not sure I would appreciate these tiny moments if I had not traveled the valleys. I know many of you are in dark and scary places right now.

But there are golden moments. God is faithful to those who love and follow Him. Sometimes it takes every ounce of strength to walk forward and hold the light…but even when we are hurting we get out of bed and do it.

Each in our own way. As healers. As teachers. Moms. Dads. Volunteers. Blue Collar. White Collar. In the suburbs and in the cities there are those who hold the light.

And so…in this moment of peace, I hold you ALL up. Those who are fighting injustice in their own way, those who spread JOY and LOVE and those who still HOPE for a better future for their children.

Today I pray for many golden moments for you and for us all.

May you be blessed…and go forth in power….



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3 thoughts on “The Pleasant Places…

  1. How synchronous and beautiful, Dr. Kim!!!!,I just returned from my late afternoon walk.  I’d turned toward the East, yet felt ‘something’ behind me.  I turned to see/feel/embrace….. the most gorgeously loving outpour of divine embrace from our beloved Sun.  I was so taken, I immediately started my sun chanting, all the time feeling that special encoding that is happening now.  It was truly marvelous.There I was, on the sidewalk, chanting to the Sun.  I followed it as it, ever so slightly, moved through the trees.  Those two, in combination, are such a profound blessings to us/our fields/our beingness/our souls.And, then, I open your email.I love you!!!  Thanks for the lovely quote.May the peace beyond all understanding be with you.  Please pray for my son, Carl.Always grateful for having worked with you/Heart’s deepest love ~  Abundant Blessings/Mighty Magic/All Love, Jacki LIVING LIFE IN THE FLOW 513-405-1514

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