A Deeper Way

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The older I get, the more I value silence. You see we don’t need one more marketing plan, email, or text. We need to align with ourselves in the innermost parts of our being. Then we need to align with the rhythm of our ancestors that is etched deep inside our DNA. We may want to line up our chakras with all wisdom and raise our frequency.

We are the result of love, whether you are aware of it or not, whether you feel it or not. We can choose to tap the richness of love within ourselves with relationship to the one true God (so sad you have to say that these days, there are so many “gods” that are worshipped) and then with all dimensions and all time/non time.

Breathe deeply and choose to stay out of fear.

Oh, and when was the last time you went and walked?  In a park, in nature…down your raod, There is something about the rhythm and measure of walking that is soothing, deeply soothing to the soul.

Yes, it’s great to walk with family or friends but it is so much cooler to walk with the shadows of those who have gone before. The ones that hold you silently and invisibly when you think no one else is there.

To walk with yourself who you should deeply love and desire to spend all the time with that you can.

What might you learn?

What might change?

Don’t forget to breathe this week. Turn off the fear and turn on the power that you carry deep within your soul…..


Published by drkimste

I am a Quantum Healer, Frequency Master, Remote Viewer, Paranormal Expert, Consciousness Teacher, Energy Healer, Energy Reader, Herbalist, Naturopath and much more. I play with frequencies and energy and as a result...change EVERYTHING. Connect with me on www.kimberlymcgeorge.com

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