The bridges You and I burn….

There is a time for everything….

Sometimes burning a number of bridges is necessary. Sometimes what we think is far from reality. Often everything you ever wished for and more is on the other side of “that bridge”. You are just too blind to see it.

Sometimes the bridge we need to burn is an aspect of ourselves. In fact, it often is. But it’s always hard to strike that first match…and often painful as it burns.

In the last 5 years, I have burned some bridges and it has spurred me to grow in different ways. One was getting rid of an agent who thought SHE was responsible for who I was and my success. Burned. Never regretted it. I still know people that are clinging tightly to her coat tails cutting her 15 percent of everything they make because they are too afraid to stand against her. SAD!

I’ve burned the bridge to…a long time “friend” that used me as a “dial a psychic”, siphoned money directly from my bank account (felony) and broke into my email list and siphoned my contacts and GAVE them to a competitior (felony).

I’ve burned the partnership I suggested that was extremely profitable and struck back out on my own with no censorship, control or ego. Yes, he stole my identity and still is using aspects of it….but I evolved and he is still saying the same things over and over. Exact sentences. Imagine that energy holding you back.

I burned the bridge on a 11 year horrific marriage (years ago) and learned I can stand not only on my own but enjoy being single and successful with no one to answer to.

I am FAR from the person I was last year or ANY year and that is a good thing. I believe in purification of self and looking at our lives and see what needs to be refined. I will continue burning bridges until I stand only in creation and anything that does not contribute to high frequency, REAL truth, REAL light and REAL love must go. The gloves are coming off.  I am no longer afraid to illustrate truth and stand for something like so many don’t and are afraid to these days.

The things and people you are afraid of losing control you. I’m not talking about family or real friends. I’m talking about the games you play and the things you put up with because you are too afraid to speak out or make a change.

Maybe the reason you are “stuck” in some aspect of your life is you have left way, way too many bridges STANDING and you need to “light some up”. Share in the comments how and if you decided to do that.

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