Revelation: You are either in allowance or you are taking action!

I usually don’t get super political in my blogs although most of you who know me know I have strong opinions on the nature of this reality.Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 8.14.41 AM

One thing I do know. If you are standing by and doing nothing about the evil that is being done to innocents every single day, than you are part of it by saying nothing. This is consistent through all mystic al and sacred texts as well as oral traditions throughout history. The real history, NOT what you were taught in school.

Issac Kappy is doing something. Was he part of it by not saying anything? Absolutely but he has decided to change that by redeeming himself with action. How many sports figures, musicians, politicans and actors are standing by while knowing the most horrific secrets.

Please watch this Youtube Video by Issac! It is so urgent and so important and please share. That is one way to take action against this evil. Yes, some of us have known for years. This as he says is for those who don’t know.

Issac Kappy Partial Revealing of Hollywood

Of course I say partial revealing because there are thousands of actors in Hollywood involved in this and plenty others that KNEW and did nothing. In fact, even worse pretended to be awake and aware and conscious.

Let’s repeat. You cannot get top movie roles and tv series roles without selling your soul and being involved in much worse than this!


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