OSU coaching scandal (x how many now?) it’s about time! Urban Meyer/Zach Smith

Key word and thought: Sports PROGRAMMING. Sports ENTERTAINMENT. Wake up my friends! This is not rare, this is normal in this industry.

For over 25 years I have lived in Delaware Ohio under the DARK and crazy OSU legacy. I have worked in OSU Hospitals with some of the best surgeons in the country. I know the backside of this institution. It is as everyhing in this world, NOT what it seems.

Many people I went to school with went to Ohio State and some even made it big as a college athlete. I lived near Earl Bruce at one time and knew many of the same people in his circles.

Suffice it to say, they have a lot more skeletons in that closet which I believe MAY come to light.

At this point, most people understand that a great football team keeps the money coming in many ways and enables the school to pay outrageous salaries and attract students year after year.

Win at all cost is and has always been the motto here. ALL professional sports are scripted and faked NOT just WWE. Listen to my blogtalk show where we talk about that. Here’s the funny thing, COLLEGE sports are majorly FAKE and scripted as well. They start preparing you for the Big sports ENTERTAINMENT industry. Which is what THEY Call it, not me.

This whole story hits close to home. I’ve been there and it makes my stomach hurt to read this woman’s story. Domestic abuse is a reason to get out THE FIRST TIME. I wish I had. I had friends who were also in physical abusive relationships and they encouraged me to STAY. Much like the wives and mentors of the OSU team encouraged her to say. SO WHAT? Your husband is fired. Is it worth your kids traumatic witnessing of domestic violence or your life? I know of a recent (this month) situation in Dublin Ohio where the wife of an emergency room surgeon at Riverside (allegedly) shot her husband in cold blood. I know back story information that indicated there was a long long history of domestic violence. People knew, the children knew, neighbors and co workers knew and now a man in his late 40’s is dead.

This woman is lucky to escape with her life. I PRAY that the whole OSU team goes down permanently this time. There is so much programming and MK ultra stuff that goes on in sports. It’s about time all the PEDO’s there are outed. I imagine there is much much dirt to find. I hope the reporters who broke this story dig a whole lot deeper.Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 8.37.42 AM


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