Political Games….

I have heard much debate about the recent nomination for Supreme Court. Believe the victim, don’t believe the victim. I’m going to throw in some basic education about how this world runs and give you my two cents.

I’m sure there will be people who have no clue what I’m saying but some of you will get it.

Let’s review how this world works.

  1. No one, I mean NO ONE has a high position in government unless they have a ton of secrets from past and present that can be used against them.
  2. Repeat the above sentence 10 times.
  3. So OF COURSE people are going to discover some of those secrets.
  4. Every single political and newscaster figure has the exact same secrets or worse.
  5. All the world is a stage (have’t you heard that?)
  6. It’s scripted ACTING. To promote an agenda. It may be a “good” agenda, it may be a “bad” agenda or it may be YOUR agenda but they will tirelessly promote it. So seriously, it doesn’t matter what Kavanaugh did in his past. If its his role to be a Supreme Court Justice, it will happen.
  7. Times tells the whole tale. Watch and see.
  8. Enjoy your reel-ality.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 1.13.22 PMThis is a good reference point to begin: Kavanaugh is part of the Swamp!

Mason=Luciferian=generally a pedofile. (high ranking ones anyway).

Research instead of defend.


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