The False and Crazy Glorification of Atlantis

Sigh. Oh my goodness. It’s such old and deceptive energy to use “Atlantis” to sell anything. Spiritual authors, websites, radio shows and telesummits are famous for dropping in Lemuria or Atlantis and the poor desperate sick and hurting people are hungry for this “glorious” culture that is mysterious and highly sought after as the paragon of wisdom and magic.

Let’s talk facts, after all. These shills that appear over and over (they are picked for their pliability to the hosts wishes) and ability to spin BS like Rumplestiltkin (NOT for their authentic stunning magical powers) or for their ability to tell the truth…. But I digress… These so called junk consciousness gurus MAY have been to Atlantis. What? You say? I’ll run right to their website or buy their bogus CD’s, MP3’s or classes. You just convinced me.

Hold up my friends. Atlantis fell from within. So if these esteemed and stunning bastions of light were in Atlantis. They were too blind, not powerful enough or part of the fall of Atlantis. Let that sink in for awhile. And for every supposed memory you have of Atlantis thanks to these amazing paragons of virtue, you had a part in it too.

Atlantis fell or the same reason we will or are or have. The sheep were not powerful and discerning for themselves. They did not have “bottom truth”, “full memory” or “high frequency”. My daughter worked behind the scenes in the consciousness industry for many years for multiple people. I worked behind and on the front lines.

Let me be clear. Atlantis, America, Europe, Lemuria, let’s throw in Rome…all fell because their people never woke up and knew their own power. They went to gurus and blamed everyone else and looked for saviors and so many other things. Anything but take personal responsiblity. Mentor’s, bring them on. Real. Authentic. Passionate. Connected outside this reality. Stop running to just another cirucs for your spirituality.

Spirituality is one thing. You. Inside. You. Connected outside this crazy holographic computer generated illusion. That’s it. If a guru is directing you to Akashic Record memories of Atlantis. Swim on. And, my open challenge to any gurus, let’s put you on my tech and see if YOU have any REAL memories of “Atlantis” or anything else you say you teach. Energy never lies. It reads each nuance of your thoughts, your spirituality or lack of it and much more. This is why we use tech. As a tool. So we can really grow spiritually or heal physically.

Can we agree to stop? Atlantis had the same mysteries and the same lies and the same technology that we have available today. They had shysters selling packages and making illegal false promises just like we have today.

Raising the consciouness of the planet involves numberous things. You being truly awake. You discerning truth from BS (truth has a frequency and so does BS) and YOU taking action and stopping supporting this trash.

If I say Atlantis will you just empty your bank account already? Because if you have bought anything just because it was labeled “Atlantis”…..I’m so sorry but you have more than likely been swindled. Throw your money in the street. Someone who needed it MIGHT pick it up.


Published by drkimste

I am a Quantum Healer, Frequency Master, Remote Viewer, Paranormal Expert, Consciousness Teacher, Energy Healer, Energy Reader, Herbalist, Naturopath and much more. I play with frequencies and energy and as a result...change EVERYTHING. Connect with me on

2 thoughts on “The False and Crazy Glorification of Atlantis

  1. Actually, I prefer Lemuria…lol. That’s where I originated…at least, on Earth. I think the important thing is for people to realize that there were previous civilizations, and even different versions of humanity, 10’s of 1,000’s, and even 100’s of 1000’s, years back. We are just the newest version, and there will be others after us.

    1. Yes I’m not denying there aren’t thousands, possibly millions of other beings and civilizations…For sure. We are the least of it and a prison planet at best.

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