The poison leaves bit by bit

Recently (last week) I was bit by a Brown Recluse spider. Well. Yeah. That was fun. I still have swelling and infection and did I forget to say I almost died?

However, it leaves room for multiple life lessons. The poison didn’t disappear all at once. Right now the swelling and redness still lingers. But it’s getting better.

Let’s apply this to us. First of all when we do our shadow work and raise our vibration, we generally do not instantly lose the trauma, fear and anger we have stored over living millions of years as a soul. It’s a process. Our whole evolution forever is a process of hopefully a spiral up and up until we just ARE. Magical. Deep. Infinite. Joy.

But back to reality. None of us are anywhere close to that yet and probably won’t be for awhle. NO one is living in 4D or 5D right now. If they tell you they are, well, they have no idea what they are talking about but its a nice thought. Unfortunately or fortunately we have technology that can strip away delusional thinking. 🙂

This also applies to when a situation or trauma or person hurts or offends us. It takes awhile right? It’s not instant forgiveness or instant letting go or you stop replaying what that b**** or a****** did in your mind over and over daily. It’s a slow seeping out then healing over IF you allow it to. It’s ALWAYS your choice what you hold onto and what you let go.

Don’t let anyone tell you how long it takes to heal yourself or heal from something or someone. It’s a process and its yours alone.

Sometimes you need to speak up and tell the person how they made you feel. Sometimes you need to tell the world. You do what you need to do to let that POISON that insidious slow poison that can kill the soul GO.


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