No absolute truth available here. Absorb it. Accept it. Stop watching the paid shills and junk conciousness gurus out to make a quick buck on your lack of knowledge.

Most common email is the following. Is THIS person the ultimate truth on ______________? Is this person teaching 100 percent truth? Is this person 100 percent real? There ARE NO 100 percents in this reality. None. Not me. Not you. Especially not the Dalia Lama. That’s an inside joke for those in the know. Research NXVIM and him just for a start and by the way he speaks perfect English. He’s a bad actor like the rest of them. All those who associate or who are endorsed by him are suspect as well. Dark doesn’t generally endorse light.

Everyone has an agenda. Everyone. It might be a positive agenda but its THEIR agenda. Not yours. You need to have your own back. I’m repeating that. YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR OWN BACK. No one is coming. No one is selling you a 97 wealth package on a telesummit that used to or still works for DISNEY (very suspicious by the way). Do you even research these people you give your hard earned money to?

Oh, I never buy anything. I just read blogs. Really? Most of the high truth, most truth blogs are people who were heavily cloned, drugged and manipulated forever and currently by the blessed military ops. Cool?

Yes there’s truth but if you have no acquaintance with that particular frequency and most people don’t…then you are out of luck. You just have to guess at the truth and then we go back to you are wasting your time and money.

I know a little truth. Yes I do and some of it is what i like to call “bottom truth” (I coined this not that its amazing you can steal it if you want to…(you do know people like to steal things and claim them as their own).

There is a woman who puts out an instagram that is so old energy love and light when I see it my stomach turns over. Not all false truth appears as darkness and is obvious. The most sinister poison is the sweetest kind. You know what I”m talking about.

Here? What do I mean? Well if you don’t know what I mean by here. You probably won’t get the rest of this blog or much of what I write or do on Youtube or anywhere else. THIS IS NOT A PLACE DESIGNED TO dish truth. There I said it. It’s a place designed for many things. Like….Seduction….Deception…Illusion….Lies…Distraction and many many more things but NOT TRUTH.

If you learn the truth you will do everything you can and spend every breath trying to GET OUT OF HERE!!!! And that’s how you can tell who knows truth. The ones who are hedonistic materialistic wealth bangers…..are the ones who you need to run. We call them the Pied Pipers of False or Junk Consciousness.

Yes you create your own reality but its limited within the confines of “here”. Wise up my friends before ….we all move on …one way or the other.

Oh yes, this picture is you wandering through this reality looking for truth 🙂 Do you see any? Learn to develop your own abilities and access OUTSIDE Of this reality. Best bet and still dicey…..


Published by drkimste

I am a Quantum Healer, Frequency Master, Remote Viewer, Paranormal Expert, Consciousness Teacher, Energy Healer, Energy Reader, Herbalist, Naturopath and much more. I play with frequencies and energy and as a result...change EVERYTHING. Connect with me on

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