STOP …. participating in dark ritual rites like Black Friday

First of all…let’s just be logical for a second. When the “3D” mainstream anything refers to something as “black” it probably isn’t good. You can justify the magic money babylonian system lingo all you like to justify your personal habits and behavior but facts are fact. There is NOTHING good about Black Friday. Nothing. It is a blatant promotion of hedonistic consumerism and worse behavior. It encourages LUST of things and going into debt for another highly ritualized and dark mass holiday that you like to call christmas. I refuse to capitalize christmas for a whole ‘nother set of reasons.

Second, just because you don’t want to know or haven’t been made aware of the energy beind something does NOT mean it is not hurting you. I am fairly high frequency, fairly developed and highly gifted in seeing and sensing energy. I know how to wield and ask for active and passive protection. I professionally clear homes, land and people on a regular basis. I have worked with paranormal teams for over 25 years as well as with law enforcement. All that to say I, even I shower every time I go out in public. That’s because the entities and energies are hideos as well as any attachments that jump. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE remains unscathed when they leave their house.

As a matter of fact, most people simmer in a nasty vat of negative and dark eneriges and entities INSIDE their house as well but I digress.

At some point there needs to be an understanding that everything you do matters. Who does it matter to? Your friends? No. The public? No. Your family? No. Your husband or wife or significant other? No. The heroes in all genres that you enthrone and hold above yourself? No.

It ONLY matters to YOU. But the cost is an eternal one and can make the difference where your soul frequency (my term) lands. You cannot be healthy and well and happy and concious and high frequency and expect amaizng things AND be 3D and hedonistic and dark. The two are diametrically opposed. These aren’t my rules. They aren’t even the rules of 3D. They are the rules of the infinite mutiverse. You can only receive or attract that which you are be-ing (sum total) at any given time. Forget vision boards nad intentions. If you are swimming in the mud. You are going to get dirty. I’m tired of the junk consciousness and toxic positivity crowd(james true term) having BLACK FRIDAY sales. Do they not realize what they are doing? I KNOW they do. I KNOW they are trying to have it both ways. To take the magic money and feed their infinite lust for expensive cars and houses AND to pacify thier shriveled souls and pretend they are concious and love you. Nope. I know these people PERSONALLY. They plot YOUR pain points behind your back so they can take your money and leave you with empty promises and strings and cords to do it all again next week or next month.

In fact, you probably shouldn’t do business with MOST companies that are promoting this dark black mass hedonistic idea. How about you stay home and off the internet for that weekend? How about we bankrupt the corporations that rule us? How about we go back to relationships and experiences not money and things? Awww, c’mon Dr. K but that would be TRULY concious living and that takes work.



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