Rest Rest Work Cycle

I was doing an in person one on one yesterday and looking at the tech printout. It was obvious that this gentleman has the same issue I have. He’s driven. He’s successful and he’s damn tired.

His nervous system was fried. His adrenals were fried. And he was suffering from low grade depression and on anti depressants. His hormones were whack a do and many other symptoms and issues.

When I looked at this timelines and energy fields, I saw the problem. He doesn’t rest. He doesn’t breathe. He just goes and goes, running from what though? When we looked at the read out of core beliefs it was ….I am not enough. I am not worthy. Wowzers. Well, that would make you tired trying to prove yourself, your genetics and the programmers wrong.

MOST if not all of our clients and even our practitioners have no understanding of the work rest cycle. They just want to work, work, work then rest for a week at the beach or mountains. Unfortunately with all the EMF, programming and chemical stressors bombarding us plus just living on the 3D plane which is not where human souls belong, we need more. We need a little term called self regulation.

That means when you are tired, you rest. When your brain is fried, you stop. You practice self care with infra red saunas, massage and healthy food. You walk in nature and you laught with friends and family. You have a pet and smother each other with love. Whatever floats your boat, you do it. You get out of the 3D Selene created program of 40 plus hours to become a better consumer.

You give up the Avalon programming of happy ever after. The house. The boat. The car. The perfect “fill in the blank”. You learn to integrate your spirit and discover and remember (very important) who you are and where you are really from.

You activate your psychic abilities so the program/life doesn’t take you by surprise. You find skilled mentors and a REAL spiritual family to support and encourage you.

I would like you to begin to practice the 2 1 rest work cycle. Yes, the flip in words is deliberate. Rest twice as much as you work and that includes housework and working on your money pit, I mean your house.

Then maybe I will stop seeing wonking cortisol levels, turned up nervous system and fried out adrenals. Maybe. But I”m not holding my breath.

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