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No absolute truth available here. Absorb it. Accept it. Stop watching the paid shills and junk conciousness gurus out to make a quick buck on your lack of knowledge.

Who tells the truth in this reality? Let’s find out together…. Continue reading

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Find YOUR Business Brilliance

How do you discover and use your unique brilliance to be wildly successful in your business? That’s an important question, because when you know how to profit from your brilliance everything gets easier. You make more money, and you can … Continue reading

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The Pause

Panic is the most common reaction to tragedy in life…What if you just took a breath instead? Continue reading

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Why you don’t think you are intuitive and how to change that NOW!

Fire up your intuitive abilities NOW! Learn the secrets today. Continue reading

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Looking for a KING

“The masses are always looking for a King.”  The trouble with looking for a leader is that you will usually make really dumb decisions when you choose one. This continues some of the previous posts theme of standing in your … Continue reading

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