Live and learn and learn and live again…

I tend to make the same mistakes over and over with friends. I’m not sure why. I expect people to have my back and be loyal the same way I would have their back and be loyal. I have cut people off only to give in to their relentless knocking back on the door ofContinue reading “Live and learn and learn and live again…”

I’m tired of hu-mans getting a bad rap

YOU are NOT responsible for destroying the planet and the animals. Are you?

Hotel Horror. My tale of horror from the Belle Hearth Bed and (non) Breakfast! In little ole Waynesboro Virginia.

Appaling treatment by the BBB in Virginia and the Belle Hearth Bed and Breakfast.

OSU coaching scandal (x how many now?) it’s about time! Urban Meyer/Zach Smith

SHOCKING not shocking allegations of domestic violence history in OSU coaching staff.