The Invitation…

The Invitation….

The Darkside of Empowerment

So, I love to empower others. I am everyone’s biggest cheerleader and a diehard believer in collaborating and cross promotion. What happens when you empower those that shouldn’t be empowered? What responsibility to we bear as leaders? The ego maniacs, the dark and the  mis guided. We graciously empower them to go out and spreadContinue reading “The Darkside of Empowerment”

WAYLAID!! (by Trolls and other assorted creatures we never speak of)“>Perfect “energy” of this experience. (Video that is AMAZING….talking about this) I recently read a blog post by the women’s business coach Leonie Dawson who was brave enough to (address her haters) and shine a light on this area in the industry. It was brought in, that it was time I took the bull by theContinue reading “WAYLAID!! (by Trolls and other assorted creatures we never speak of)”

The Energetic Burn…..

When I am running energy scans or looking at the holographic template, I commonly see a different kind of “burn out”. This burn out doesn’t necessarily cause depression or exhaustion (although it can). Instead, this can cause energy to run whacky through someone’s energy field or through their healing work. I most commonly see thisContinue reading “The Energetic Burn…..”

21 Day FrequencyMaster Program and new MP3 You will hear us talking in the coming weeks about my FrequencyMaster program. This is a profound program, one, because it is utilizing technology that I have been experimenting with and developed proprietary testing procedures for…for over 20 years. Two, because it involve 5 areas that you can measure change in YOUR life asContinue reading “21 Day FrequencyMaster Program and new MP3”