The poison leaves bit by bit

Recently (last week) I was bit by a Brown Recluse spider. Well. Yeah. That was fun. I still have swelling and infection and did I forget to say I almost died?

However, it leaves room for multiple life lessons. The poison didn’t disappear all at once. Right now the swelling and redness still lingers. But it’s getting better.

Let’s apply this to us. First of all when we do our shadow work and raise our vibration, we generally do not instantly lose the trauma, fear and anger we have stored over living millions of years as a soul. It’s a process. Our whole evolution forever is a process of hopefully a spiral up and up until we just ARE. Magical. Deep. Infinite. Joy.

But back to reality. None of us are anywhere close to that yet and probably won’t be for awhle. NO one is living in 4D or 5D right now. If they tell you they are, well, they have no idea what they are talking about but its a nice thought. Unfortunately or fortunately we have technology that can strip away delusional thinking. 🙂

This also applies to when a situation or trauma or person hurts or offends us. It takes awhile right? It’s not instant forgiveness or instant letting go or you stop replaying what that b**** or a****** did in your mind over and over daily. It’s a slow seeping out then healing over IF you allow it to. It’s ALWAYS your choice what you hold onto and what you let go.

Don’t let anyone tell you how long it takes to heal yourself or heal from something or someone. It’s a process and its yours alone.

Sometimes you need to speak up and tell the person how they made you feel. Sometimes you need to tell the world. You do what you need to do to let that POISON that insidious slow poison that can kill the soul GO.


The False and Crazy Glorification of Atlantis

Sigh. Oh my goodness. It’s such old and deceptive energy to use “Atlantis” to sell anything. Spiritual authors, websites, radio shows and telesummits are famous for dropping in Lemuria or Atlantis and the poor desperate sick and hurting people are hungry for this “glorious” culture that is mysterious and highly sought after as the paragon of wisdom and magic.

Let’s talk facts, after all. These shills that appear over and over (they are picked for their pliability to the hosts wishes) and ability to spin BS like Rumplestiltkin (NOT for their authentic stunning magical powers) or for their ability to tell the truth…. But I digress… These so called junk consciousness gurus MAY have been to Atlantis. What? You say? I’ll run right to their website or buy their bogus CD’s, MP3’s or classes. You just convinced me.

Hold up my friends. Atlantis fell from within. So if these esteemed and stunning bastions of light were in Atlantis. They were too blind, not powerful enough or part of the fall of Atlantis. Let that sink in for awhile. And for every supposed memory you have of Atlantis thanks to these amazing paragons of virtue, you had a part in it too.

Atlantis fell or the same reason we will or are or have. The sheep were not powerful and discerning for themselves. They did not have “bottom truth”, “full memory” or “high frequency”. My daughter worked behind the scenes in the consciousness industry for many years for multiple people. I worked behind and on the front lines.

Let me be clear. Atlantis, America, Europe, Lemuria, let’s throw in Rome…all fell because their people never woke up and knew their own power. They went to gurus and blamed everyone else and looked for saviors and so many other things. Anything but take personal responsiblity. Mentor’s, bring them on. Real. Authentic. Passionate. Connected outside this reality. Stop running to just another cirucs for your spirituality.

Spirituality is one thing. You. Inside. You. Connected outside this crazy holographic computer generated illusion. That’s it. If a guru is directing you to Akashic Record memories of Atlantis. Swim on. And, my open challenge to any gurus, let’s put you on my tech and see if YOU have any REAL memories of “Atlantis” or anything else you say you teach. Energy never lies. It reads each nuance of your thoughts, your spirituality or lack of it and much more. This is why we use tech. As a tool. So we can really grow spiritually or heal physically.

Can we agree to stop? Atlantis had the same mysteries and the same lies and the same technology that we have available today. They had shysters selling packages and making illegal false promises just like we have today.

Raising the consciouness of the planet involves numberous things. You being truly awake. You discerning truth from BS (truth has a frequency and so does BS) and YOU taking action and stopping supporting this trash.

If I say Atlantis will you just empty your bank account already? Because if you have bought anything just because it was labeled “Atlantis”…..I’m so sorry but you have more than likely been swindled. Throw your money in the street. Someone who needed it MIGHT pick it up.

Political Games….

I have heard much debate about the recent nomination for Supreme Court. Believe the victim, don’t believe the victim. I’m going to throw in some basic education about how this world runs and give you my two cents.

I’m sure there will be people who have no clue what I’m saying but some of you will get it.

Let’s review how this world works.

  1. No one, I mean NO ONE has a high position in government unless they have a ton of secrets from past and present that can be used against them.
  2. Repeat the above sentence 10 times.
  3. So OF COURSE people are going to discover some of those secrets.
  4. Every single political and newscaster figure has the exact same secrets or worse.
  5. All the world is a stage (have’t you heard that?)
  6. It’s scripted ACTING. To promote an agenda. It may be a “good” agenda, it may be a “bad” agenda or it may be YOUR agenda but they will tirelessly promote it. So seriously, it doesn’t matter what Kavanaugh did in his past. If its his role to be a Supreme Court Justice, it will happen.
  7. Times tells the whole tale. Watch and see.
  8. Enjoy your reel-ality.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 1.13.22 PMThis is a good reference point to begin: Kavanaugh is part of the Swamp!

Mason=Luciferian=generally a pedofile. (high ranking ones anyway).

Research instead of defend.

Everything you ever desired…

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 11.37.31 AMIs on the other side of this sentence.

Your NEW self is going to cost you…your OLD self.

And that my friend is where most of the humans including me at one time… STOP

Why do we stop? Because the TERROR of the unknown, the SHEER FORCE of your POWER causes you to shrink back in fear.

I commonly hear, “It’s too hard.” “I don’t know how.” and various ridiculous excuses such as these.

Since we are living in the end of an age/timeline. I assume because YOU are reading these words that you are MIGHTY and have a BIG reason for coming here at this time.

Just becaue you don’t recognize who you are or remember who you are, doesn’t mean I don’t.

This 3D reality is a massive journey of one main thing. Purification. And that’s a joyful journey BACK to the light being that you used to be and still are, locked down in this lower plane of destiny.

Many people make millions on classes, books and other things describing the process of purification. It really boils down to a simple formula.

Learn what is high vibrating in all areas of life, mind, body, soul and energy field as well as your physical reality around you. Bring more of that in. Lose the rest. And make sure organic is the standard. Anything that is organic is naturally high vibrating.

Pick one area of your home, body, habits or friend group to begin working on. One victory at at ime. Celebrate with a journal entry or a chart on the wall. Or a new crystal. I don’t care how you do it. Just do it. We need you. Time is short and the work is heavy. We need your powers and your gifts. The children, animals and planet needs you. It’s time. No more excuses.

You will LOVE the new you!


Hotel Horror. My tale of horror from the Belle Hearth Bed and (non) Breakfast! In little ole Waynesboro Virginia.

Where do I start? First I need to state this is my opinion of my stay which I am allowed to express. Second, I have 4 witnesses of this whole weekend.

Most people love to stay in haunted bed and breakfasts but this one was truly a House of Horror. I will be making a Youtube video with the same information.

First I want to complain about a stacked tourist and hospitality industry. Did you know businesses PAY to be part of the Better Business Bureau? Usually they help me resolve issues, but the Waynesboro BBB just set people up for further abuse.

I’m really tired of paying money I work hard for to be treated the way I was treated here. Belle Hearth has gotten me off Bed and Breakfasts for good. You can usually get more resolution from a hotel.

First be aware that many bed and breakfasts campaign to get their negative reviews removed. I guarantee you they are NOT a 5 start establishment. They are too nasty and crazy for that.

When I pulled up I was appalled to find I had to place my car on the street.  The grass between the street and the lawn was not mowed. I suppose the city does that (or doesn’t do that) but if I had a B N B I would mow it so my house looked nice. I’m not a fan of Vicotrian’s to begin with but I was staying in town for business. I booked TWO rooms which is a standard 4 breakfasts. This will become important later on.

We were rushed by the couple after driving a long way, grilled on why we were there and told about 20 minutes of ghost stories. I have investigated REAL paranormal sites all over the country and world and there was NOTHING here so don’t waste your time and money looking for ghosts.

The husband seemed nice but a bit confused (this will become important later on as well). We were shown our rooms and given ONE cookie each. I am used to platters of cookies (after all cookies keep). Even so, it was a good cookie. I went to look for someplace to put my makeup and my daughters makeup bags and there were no spaces in the bathroom to place them. Every shelf and corner was stacked with knick knacks. The kind you get at the flea market, not the kind you get at a garage sale.

I was speaking at a conference so really this place was just supposed to be a bed and breakfast, however it turned into the House of Horror they like to advertise they are.

It all started the first afternoon before (I have stayed at bed and breakfasts ALL across the country and never been asked these questions). When the husband (who live in the basement on the property) asked me if my daughter and son were going to be coming. I said they are TO THE HUSBAND. My friend, Vallery also spoke at length to the husband and wife and informed them that my daughter and son would be coming. FIRST of all, it is really none of their business who is staying in the rooms I paid for as long as we aren’t breaking house rules or throwing parties. We were all adults and quiet ones at that. No children were present. It’s possible they needed to know for breakfast.

I had a suite with a large bed and a separate room with a double bed. My children did NOT show up the first night and we knew that so Vallery stayed in their room,  I and my daughter slept in the other room. Breakfast that morning was an awkward and tense affair. The dinging of the microwave (also called radiation ovens) did not promise a home made or award winning breakfast. Other reviews on Tripadvisor have also mentioned this issue.

Even so, breakfast was decent, a small scone, a sugary bannana pretty non tasty coffee cake thing and some bacon. Orange Juice and Coffee were shoved around a large table. The owners catered to regulars and did not engage in conversation very much with anyone else at the table.

I promptly forgot about this place and went about my business. Again, when I came in that night I spoke to the husband and told him my children were now here. In fact they were standing with me and he saw them. If you doubt me that the husband has memory problems, these were also mentioned in other Trip Advisor reviews. Vallery slept with me in my bed so I don’t understand the 20.00 extravagant upcharge. I also didn’t give them permission to enter my room. I had 10,000 worth of computer equipment that I do not allow anyone around. They came in and did I don’t know what but my stuff was touched and I wasn’t happy about it. In most hotels, this is stated (and it wasn’t) and you are warned. I expect privacy within my room whether in a hotel or bed and breakfast. I believe there is some law about this but I would have to check.

We went to bed after having the lights SHUT OFF AT 11. Grandma and Grandpa much?

When we got up I walked my friend Vallery out, she had to get back to NC and NEVER intended or even entered the dining room for breakfast. While I was talking to her she told me that the innkeepers had told her horror stories about all the previous guests and they were basically “over” the whole experience. Vallery left and while I was still outside on Sunday morning, my daughter ran out of the inn crying.

My daughter, her husband and my other daughter had gone down to breakfast (remember we were 3 the day before) and paid for 4 breakfasts. The wife had said, “Wow weird to see strangers at the table.” What? Who says that? I imagine a lot of strangers are at their table. Remember the husband was told TWICE that my children were going to be there and in fact he saw them. I said, I’ll handle this and we went in. I sat down and they started freaking out about breakfast. I said, ‘Vallery isn’t staying and we paid for 4 breakfasts.”

I started pouring coffee and there was one chair left. I forgot to mention the day before that they made me move chairs so that the couple could sit side by side. Who does that? Bed and breakfasts at a group table are about mingling and I’m pretty sure the couple could have survived since they barely seemed on speaking terms with each other if they didn’t sit next to each other. This was witnessed by two other people.

So there was one chair left at the table. The “regular” couple came down and stood akwardly in the corner of the room. Then the wife came up to me and said, “You need to get up”. One of you needs to leave. The man eating with his son offered to leave early but I said, “NO, you paid for your breakfast.” We will leave. The wife started screaming at us telling us we were wrong and we didn’t tell them who would be at breakfast. I said, “We will go to Cracker Barrel.” and we left. We were forced to check out hours earlier and spend extra money. I have never been treated like trash at an establishment. I have never been lied about when there were multiple witnesses and the husband has a history of memory loss.

We were cheated of basic human kindness and respect and we were cheated out of 4 breakfasts. We also have picture of dirt in the bathroom and hair in the drains after they cleaned. We complained to the Waynesboro BBBB but they did nothing but believe the lies sof these innkeepers.

Beware in Waynesboro they protect their own. And pick somewhere else to stay. I paid for other speakers to stay at the Best Western and they loved it!  Part of being a conscious human being is holding people accountable and having boundaries.

A really good review to read is the Vegan who told the husband TWICE that he didn’t eat meet and then the wife yelled at his girlfriend for eating his meat off his plate. LOL. Like I said, there’s precedent here. And many other reviews talk about the owner’s weirdness about breakfast.

Note to B and B owners. Don’t make my kids cry and if you don’t want to serve breakfast to your guests, don’t advertise as a bed and breakfast. False advertising.

Lesson learned. Nice hotels from now on! And you earned a spot in my restaurant and travel book to be published on Amazon later this year! Whoop whoop!Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 6.36.14 PM




OSU coaching scandal (x how many now?) it’s about time! Urban Meyer/Zach Smith

Key word and thought: Sports PROGRAMMING. Sports ENTERTAINMENT. Wake up my friends! This is not rare, this is normal in this industry.

For over 25 years I have lived in Delaware Ohio under the DARK and crazy OSU legacy. I have worked in OSU Hospitals with some of the best surgeons in the country. I know the backside of this institution. It is as everyhing in this world, NOT what it seems.

Many people I went to school with went to Ohio State and some even made it big as a college athlete. I lived near Earl Bruce at one time and knew many of the same people in his circles.

Suffice it to say, they have a lot more skeletons in that closet which I believe MAY come to light.

At this point, most people understand that a great football team keeps the money coming in many ways and enables the school to pay outrageous salaries and attract students year after year.

Win at all cost is and has always been the motto here. ALL professional sports are scripted and faked NOT just WWE. Listen to my blogtalk show where we talk about that. Here’s the funny thing, COLLEGE sports are majorly FAKE and scripted as well. They start preparing you for the Big sports ENTERTAINMENT industry. Which is what THEY Call it, not me.

This whole story hits close to home. I’ve been there and it makes my stomach hurt to read this woman’s story. Domestic abuse is a reason to get out THE FIRST TIME. I wish I had. I had friends who were also in physical abusive relationships and they encouraged me to STAY. Much like the wives and mentors of the OSU team encouraged her to say. SO WHAT? Your husband is fired. Is it worth your kids traumatic witnessing of domestic violence or your life? I know of a recent (this month) situation in Dublin Ohio where the wife of an emergency room surgeon at Riverside (allegedly) shot her husband in cold blood. I know back story information that indicated there was a long long history of domestic violence. People knew, the children knew, neighbors and co workers knew and now a man in his late 40’s is dead.

This woman is lucky to escape with her life. I PRAY that the whole OSU team goes down permanently this time. There is so much programming and MK ultra stuff that goes on in sports. It’s about time all the PEDO’s there are outed. I imagine there is much much dirt to find. I hope the reporters who broke this story dig a whole lot deeper.Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 8.37.42 AM

Revelation: You are either in allowance or you are taking action!

I usually don’t get super political in my blogs although most of you who know me know I have strong opinions on the nature of this reality.Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 8.14.41 AM

One thing I do know. If you are standing by and doing nothing about the evil that is being done to innocents every single day, than you are part of it by saying nothing. This is consistent through all mystic al and sacred texts as well as oral traditions throughout history. The real history, NOT what you were taught in school.

Issac Kappy is doing something. Was he part of it by not saying anything? Absolutely but he has decided to change that by redeeming himself with action. How many sports figures, musicians, politicans and actors are standing by while knowing the most horrific secrets.

Please watch this Youtube Video by Issac! It is so urgent and so important and please share. That is one way to take action against this evil. Yes, some of us have known for years. This as he says is for those who don’t know.

Issac Kappy Partial Revealing of Hollywood

Of course I say partial revealing because there are thousands of actors in Hollywood involved in this and plenty others that KNEW and did nothing. In fact, even worse pretended to be awake and aware and conscious.

Let’s repeat. You cannot get top movie roles and tv series roles without selling your soul and being involved in much worse than this!

The bridges You and I burn….

There is a time for everything….

Sometimes burning a number of bridges is necessary. Sometimes what we think is far from reality. Often everything you ever wished for and more is on the other side of “that bridge”. You are just too blind to see it.

Sometimes the bridge we need to burn is an aspect of ourselves. In fact, it often is. But it’s always hard to strike that first match…and often painful as it burns.

In the last 5 years, I have burned some bridges and it has spurred me to grow in different ways. One was getting rid of an agent who thought SHE was responsible for who I was and my success. Burned. Never regretted it. I still know people that are clinging tightly to her coat tails cutting her 15 percent of everything they make because they are too afraid to stand against her. SAD!

I’ve burned the bridge to…a long time “friend” that used me as a “dial a psychic”, siphoned money directly from my bank account (felony) and broke into my email list and siphoned my contacts and GAVE them to a competitior (felony).

I’ve burned the partnership I suggested that was extremely profitable and struck back out on my own with no censorship, control or ego. Yes, he stole my identity and still is using aspects of it….but I evolved and he is still saying the same things over and over. Exact sentences. Imagine that energy holding you back.

I burned the bridge on a 11 year horrific marriage (years ago) and learned I can stand not only on my own but enjoy being single and successful with no one to answer to.

I am FAR from the person I was last year or ANY year and that is a good thing. I believe in purification of self and looking at our lives and see what needs to be refined. I will continue burning bridges until I stand only in creation and anything that does not contribute to high frequency, REAL truth, REAL light and REAL love must go. The gloves are coming off.  I am no longer afraid to illustrate truth and stand for something like so many don’t and are afraid to these days.

The things and people you are afraid of losing control you. I’m not talking about family or real friends. I’m talking about the games you play and the things you put up with because you are too afraid to speak out or make a change.

Maybe the reason you are “stuck” in some aspect of your life is you have left way, way too many bridges STANDING and you need to “light some up”. Share in the comments how and if you decided to do that.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 6.36.56 AM

A Deeper Way

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 11.03.36 PM.png

The older I get, the more I value silence. You see we don’t need one more marketing plan, email, or text. We need to align with ourselves in the innermost parts of our being. Then we need to align with the rhythm of our ancestors that is etched deep inside our DNA. We may want to line up our chakras with all wisdom and raise our frequency.

We are the result of love, whether you are aware of it or not, whether you feel it or not. We can choose to tap the richness of love within ourselves with relationship to the one true God (so sad you have to say that these days, there are so many “gods” that are worshipped) and then with all dimensions and all time/non time.

Breathe deeply and choose to stay out of fear.

Oh, and when was the last time you went and walked?  In a park, in nature…down your raod, There is something about the rhythm and measure of walking that is soothing, deeply soothing to the soul.

Yes, it’s great to walk with family or friends but it is so much cooler to walk with the shadows of those who have gone before. The ones that hold you silently and invisibly when you think no one else is there.

To walk with yourself who you should deeply love and desire to spend all the time with that you can.

What might you learn?

What might change?

Don’t forget to breathe this week. Turn off the fear and turn on the power that you carry deep within your soul…..