A Deeper Way

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The older I get, the more I value silence. You see we don’t need one more marketing plan, email, or text. We need to align with ourselves in the innermost parts of our being. Then we need to align with the rhythm of our ancestors that is etched deep inside our DNA. We may want to line up our chakras with all wisdom and raise our frequency.

We are the result of love, whether you are aware of it or not, whether you feel it or not. We can choose to tap the richness of love within ourselves with relationship to the one true God (so sad you have to say that these days, there are so many “gods” that are worshipped) and then with all dimensions and all time/non time.

Breathe deeply and choose to stay out of fear.

Oh, and when was the last time you went and walked?  In a park, in nature…down your raod, There is something about the rhythm and measure of walking that is soothing, deeply soothing to the soul.

Yes, it’s great to walk with family or friends but it is so much cooler to walk with the shadows of those who have gone before. The ones that hold you silently and invisibly when you think no one else is there.

To walk with yourself who you should deeply love and desire to spend all the time with that you can.

What might you learn?

What might change?

Don’t forget to breathe this week. Turn off the fear and turn on the power that you carry deep within your soul…..

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Rumors of War and other insight.

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Recently I made the mistake of aligning with a less than reputable telesummit who seemed to think they had the “formula” for success figured out. This formula included me giving away about 3 hours of teaching to whomever (including my competitors) wanted to look at it. It felt like a bad idea at the time and turns out, guess what? It was.

I opened Facebook this morning to find a woman teaching the exact same thing I had just taught in the exact same words. Now, I happen to be super busy right now and in the middle of multiple amazing and intense things OR she would be hearing from my attorney.

People say there is nothing new under the sun but there is! Everyone builds on other’s ideas but the key word is to build. Or better yet to create.

It reminds me of a concept I came up with 4 years ago called Ultimate (fill in the blank) so Ultimate Valentine, Ultimate whatever, yada yada. Long story short, the guy I used to work with is still using MY concept and spinning it as his own. A very long and bad habit of his. It’s older energy which is what he is so he’ll get the karma of that all by himself.

Or there’s the story of the telesummit host (different one) who ripped the graphics and copy word for word of a marketing campaign of someone else in the business. Word for word. I have the screenshots from both of them and the accusations that went back and forth. The telesummit host got upward of around 2,000 new emails off of someone elses work. How can they live with themselves?

What makes all these stories worse is this is supposedly coming from the enlightened, gifted and CONSCIOUS people in the world.

Do you SEE why the world is in trouble? Let’s challenge each other no matter what field we are in to begin to live in integrity of be-ing, especially in our actions. Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 7.50.03 AM

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No place to hide….

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 7.39.34 PMHa. I bet you think you know what this is about. And you kind of do. Masks. Lies. Deception.

But you don’t. You see each industry has those that are complicit in keeping the “secrets”. Even those who can’t stand each other will keep the “secrets” so that everyone else can keep making massive amounts of money. How do I know? I’ve been in many industries, worked all sides and seen it first hand.

No where is there a more fraudlent industry than junk consciousness or pop/false spirituality. There are millions made every year spinning pipe dreams, breaking FCC false advertising laws and medical laws at the same time.

If you think just because a big spiritual publisher puts their name behind someone that they are genuine, you would be wrong.

Here’s my issue. For years we have had technology that outs you. Yep. You can’t hide, you can’t run. We can see who you are. You are a radio receiver and a radio transmitter. Everything you think, every talent or lack of talent and every emotion, dark thought, energies around you, core personality and so much more can be SEEN, REGISTERED and READ. Same standards apply to everyone. I will run me and it will out me as much as the next guy or girl.

And the industry HATES it.  In fact, they will do ANYTHING to stop the truth from being known. Here’s a true story. One of the “top”, well there aren’t many top anymore but one of the bigger telesummit hosts stole a couple pages of a process from a “healers” book that they wrote and used it on his show. That author somehow heard him use it without permission, claiming it to be his own (and he should know better, he is an attorney or was an attorney before he found out selling BS makes more money than attorney fees)! Is that even possible? (sarcasm intended)

Well, guess what this person did? They told him let me on your show or there will be a lawsuit and this person went on the telesummit as an approved and much hyped up “healer” and the rest is history. Win-win. Right? Wrong. The hosts pump up these people as if they have vetted them or used them and in some cases they have. But they actually do not care (just like Hollywood doesn’t care if Ryan Secrest or Harvey Weinstein is doing something horrific or illegal…as long as they are making money…great!) P.S. I don’t know about you, but in the world I live in…this is called…blackmail. Yes you get to hear “healers” that blackmailed hosts. I’m sure that is in your highest and best interest!!

They only care about the money. This industry is so sick and twisted and YES I have participated and YES I haven’t always been authentic and transparent and genuine like I am now….but I paid dearly for not being.

So sometimes you will see me break down “energy snapshots” of various people you may or may not know and I’ll stick myself up now and then too. There’s really nowhere to hide for anyone anymore. The energy of 2018 will out you and the Karma will begin to be immediate and instant. You’ll see. Time tells the whole tale.

And oh yeah baby, I have many, many more stories where that came from. And I’m talking.

Oh yeah, and now we have video capability so I’ll be doing slides and everything 😉 Plus I can post my energy updates here as well as other mediums. Thanks for following. I appreciate those who are TRUE light not false awakening and dead dark light. Through my blog, I hope you will be able to tell the difference.

I repeat the energy of 2018 will not stand for it! And if you have a story you would like to tell either anonomously or “out there”, please write me. It’s time you are heard. Tell me how you have been scammed by this industry. I’m listening. Let’s decide who is worth your money and who’s not.

All my blog posts are subject to all terms and conditions at http://www.secrettoeverything.com and are under filed copyrights.

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Yesterday I was pondering the last year and just for a moment I realized…I was content. My house isn’t finished being built and I’m in the middle of a million projects for work along with a lot of traveling ahead this year…BUT for a couple minutes….I was content.

Contentment is something that each one of us has a choice to embrace on a daily basis. It is being in gratitude for everything we have and not wishing for ANYTHING else. It is embracing who WE are fully and keeping our eyes on our own path.

I have been working hard this year on simplifying my life. I am learning what I am passionate about (nature, my dogs and my kids) and what I am NOT (consumerism and useless stuff).  I’m not interested in what everyone else is here on this planet to do. I’m interested in why I’m here and bringing forth the fullness of my purpose NOW into this reality in full force and power.

I’m interested in TRUTH and only TRUTH and I’m renewing my commitment to sharing it and teaching it.

I’m interested in laughter and putting my feet on my deck and drinking more lemonade. Yep. A lot more lemonade.

I’m interested in deep and juicy relationships. With my clients, family and friends.

I’m interested in living from full creation and nothing else.

I’m also interested in bringing BIG change to this planet and much more light. I’m starting in Winston Salem but we’ll grow.

This year, I’m going to spend less time talking about the things I would like to do and spend more time doing them.

What have you learned from the last year? If this resonates, check out my website. Maybe we will one day sit and drink some lemonade together!


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Energy Mastered….

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So someone has GOT to start speaking out against fraud in one of the industries I just lightly “play” in now. I know of a couple other websites that the intuitives use their “knowing” to reveal and assess various people. Let’s get a few things established before I begin.

  • Energy NEVER lies. In advanced form it can “cloak” but that’s a very different conversation and when we dig deeper we can still pick it up. In other words. SOMEONE can see you. Who you REALLY are with all your strengths and all your weaknesses.
  • I see you. My TECH our beautiful energy mastered app that is now available for BETA purchase can SEE you…and I have 4 more levels of tech to reveal you on deeper levels PLUS my own abilities as a high level empath and intuitive.
  • Those who are “chasing hope” will REFUSE to SEE. They will justify their 97.00 spent and all the time wasting listening to you…so don’t be afraid I’m going to affect your bottom line. There are always those standing in line for you to deceive.
  • Still…there are those who are awakening or who KNOW you don’t do what you say you do and that you aren’t who you say you are. For these, we have TECH to help learn to trust your own instincts.
  • Just because someone is on radio or TV and says they are something, does NOT mean they are of the “light” or do anything they say.

Okay. Now that we have that established. Let’s get to today’s lesson.

Let’s call this person someone who was recently on a woman’s telesummit. This person uses a lot of older energy techniques like EFT (yes I”m dodging the tomatoes but truth is truth) and other things. This person is older and was wearing pink in her photograph. Here is her list of accomplishments (supposedly)

  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Australian College of Hypnotherapy
  • Certificate of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) (PROGRAMMING PEOPLE)
  • Diploma in Complete Mind Therapy
  • Certified Habit Control Consultant  (CONTROL)
  • Noesitherapy & Hypnotic Pain Control Certificate
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Certificate
  • Advanced Past Life Regression Therapy Certificate
  • EFT Practitioner  (old energy)
  • Reiki & Seichim Master & Teacher – Level 3 (old energy)
  • Pranic Healing Practitioner & Teacher
  • Transformational Healer
  • Magnetic Healing
  • Certified & Advanced channel  (hmmmm…)
  • Signature Cell Healing

Sound good? Hardly. I’m not even wasting my time looking at her energetic signature through my other aura and chakra tech. I will check one thing at the end which is if she is even holding the frequency of love in her field but we’ll get to that in a minute.

The only positive thing I will say is this person is deeply integrated….IN DARKNESS. Her crown is out of alignment but even so, the energy she is pulling is…well, DARK. Also, her chakras are not aligned and her other color says she’s into control

So….let’s ask who is her Spiritual Hierarchy Team(Angels)?????? Are they angels? Hardly. You need to remember…Angels speak TO you, not THROUGH you….And Heart chakra is closed down and energy running through it is low.

If YOU would like to be able to run the energy of your friends, lovers, practitioners and MORE…Including people on TV and radio. Check out our scientific cutting edge app!!! Other teachers TALK about frequency. We’ve LIVED it for the last 16 years.


(access is subject to approval and orders may be refused by me) kjm





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The Pleasant Places…

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“The boundary lines have fallen in pleasant places, I have a delightful inheritance” Psalms 16:6

Today the golden light of the afternoon stopped me in my tracks.

Truly I am blessed.

I’ve been equipped (as you have) for this time in this place and every now and then I am gifted with grace so amazing that tears fill my eyes.

I’m not sure I would appreciate these tiny moments if I had not traveled the valleys. I know many of you are in dark and scary places right now.

But there are golden moments. God is faithful to those who love and follow Him. Sometimes it takes every ounce of strength to walk forward and hold the light…but even when we are hurting we get out of bed and do it.

Each in our own way. As healers. As teachers. Moms. Dads. Volunteers. Blue Collar. White Collar. In the suburbs and in the cities there are those who hold the light.

And so…in this moment of peace, I hold you ALL up. Those who are fighting injustice in their own way, those who spread JOY and LOVE and those who still HOPE for a better future for their children.

Today I pray for many golden moments for you and for us all.

May you be blessed…and go forth in power….


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