Change….Something we in this human experience are resistant to.  We RESIST the natural ebb and flow of life….moving…the passing of a loved one…the death of a pet.  Instead of processing our feelings and let them go, we become a victim of this thing called change…and so begins the building of the “dam” in the flow of the river of life.

Over time, this dam becomes a blockade to all the most amazing feelings….joy…bliss…peace and love. Recently, I found myself going in to resistance to change.  As I contemplated moving across the country to a beautiful new place, I found myself making excuses.  The “What if’s” began to play in my head.  What if they didn’t have the stores I was familiar with?  What if? They didn’t have art classes nearby for my kids.  What if?  I felt lonely….

Then I realized that this was the beginning…I was picking up my twigs and putting them in the magnificent river of my life.  If I allowed these nagging thoughts and insignificant fears to stop me…I would never move anywhere…not just physically…but further into consciousness…further into LOVE.  And so I made a CHOICE.  I will go forward into the grand ADVENTURE…despite my doubts and FEARS.  I will lay down my twigs and stand joyously in the river.  Come…what…may…..Count me “in”.Image