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I’m tired of hu-mans getting a bad rap

YOU are NOT responsible for destroying the planet and the animals. Are you? Continue reading

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OSU coaching scandal (x how many now?) it’s about time! Urban Meyer/Zach Smith

SHOCKING not shocking allegations of domestic violence history in OSU coaching staff. Continue reading

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The bridges You and I burn….

Is it time to light some bridges up in your life? Continue reading

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Rumors of War and other insight.

What is going on? Could any of the rumors possibly be true? Watch to find out. Continue reading

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No place to hide….

You won’t believe this series I’ms starting….shhh. I’m telling all the secrets. Continue reading

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Yesterday I was pondering the last year and just for a moment I realized…I was content. My house isn’t finished being built and I’m in the middle of a million projects for work along with a lot of traveling ahead … Continue reading

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The Pleasant Places…

Today, the golden light of afternoon…. Continue reading

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