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Recently I made the mistake of aligning with a less than reputable telesummit who seemed to think they had the “formula” for success figured out. This formula included me giving away about 3 hours of teaching to whomever (including my … Continue reading

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Energy Mastered….

Did you ever wish you could really see who someone was? Continue reading

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The 18% Principle

So I got stuck with an 18 percent tip for 5 people at an oceanfront restaurant at the beach. It wasn’t about the money and the entitlement tip. Why do we pay the restaurant’s worker’s and then pay to eat … Continue reading

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The Soul of Healing

What is the soul of healing? While it could mean many different things to different people, to me it is AUTHENTIC and EXPERIENCED practitioners coming together to help move you toward balance in your life. Continue reading

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The End of the Medical Intuitive

We don’t need humans that are flawed to do this anymore…we have accurate science…. Continue reading

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Holiday Musings: I’m exhausted when…

What exhausts you this holiday season? Today, I share one of my main time suckers….. Continue reading

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Today….I choose Joy

Choose Joy! Continue reading

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